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16 August 2017

The new patent of JSC "Giprogazoochistka"

July 26, 2017 in the State Register registered a new invention of the company JSC "Giprogazoochistka." A patent was received for "Method of optical determination of a component, predominantly hydrogen sulphide, and its concentration in a gas stream".

The development involves irradiating a sample of the test gas with laser radiation at different wavelengths. Further, the spectral distribution of the intensity of the radiation transmitted through the sample is recorded, the excess of the received signal above the threshold noise level is determined. To obtain the result, the absolute values ​​of the obtained peaks and the main maximum corresponding to the laser radiation are compared.

The result of the application is the determination of the component, predominantly hydrogen sulphide, and its concentration in the gas flow with high accuracy, and continuous monitoring of the process. At the same time, it should be noted that the method makes it possible to determine the presence and concentration of other gases: CO2, CO, NH3, NOx, SO2, H2S, CH4, gaseous / liquid hydrocarbons or the like.

The invention of GGO is distinguished by high measurement accuracy, which does not depend on the parameters of the optics used. The patent of the company JSC `"Giprogazoochistka" refers to analytical instrumentation and can be used in gas analyzers used in sulfur recovery units. The new solution is of great interest for companies processing hydrocarbons: refineries and gas processing plants.

JSC "Giprogazoochistka"

JSC "Giprogazoochistka" works for key industries and realizes all stages of work - from design to putting into operation of process units of hydrocarbon production and processing facilities, as well as oil and gas chemistry. The company has a wide range of competencies and a number of innovative solutions to tasks of varying complexity at the level of world achievements with full implementation of objects in the 3D model (AVEVA Plant, Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise), generation of design and working documentation.

A large number of patents and inventions confirms a high level of technical solutions. The documentation on its own basic projects in the areas of gas purification and processing of hydrocarbons is being developed; licensing technologies of leading foreign partners are also being used. Full automation of processes and the highest level of productivity are key indicators of the company's efficiency. According to leading analytical agencies, JSC "Giprogazoochistka" is a dynamic customer-oriented leader of the industry.

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